Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On the rocks? No, just chilled, thanks.

I've been so remiss in my posting duties I'm certain that by now any dedicated readership I may once have had has long since evaporated (am I a nerd for LOVING that I was able to get "have had has" logically into a sentence? Yes. Yes I am). End apology.

So... quick catch up. Everything's different now.  I'm officially a Bostonian and no longer a Cantabridgian.  I'm unemployed and working full time at getting another job when I'm not using my bed as a workbench and making art.  I have awesome roommates.  I'm in love with a lawyer. I've sold three paintings in the past couple of months.  And I'm going to church.

So here's a photo of "Judgement Day," the most recent sale and the piece of which I'm currently most proud.  Check out the link to the right where prints are available if you'd like a copy for yourself ;)